Dynamic Husband and Wife Team bring their super effective, non-traditional Boot Camp Workout Classes to the masses, Online

These complete 4 week programs will bring the results! Watch and download 3 to 4 incredible BCX workouts per week

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Online Bootcamp Classes To Bring Serious Results!

If you like the idea doing Boot Camp Workout Classes, but can’t make it to a local program, LIVEex has the solution: BCx Boot Camp. BCx combines the most effective training styles to burn fat and sculpt muscle all in one workout. Steve and Bonnie Pfiester have been teaching these effective Boot Camp Classes for years. We caught wind of these classes and knew that we had to bring them HERE to LIVEex

There are a number of advantages with this workout program:

Power And Strength ++

Every class builds strength, but also targets the typical problem areas that most people have, and obsess about.

Just Follow Along

Steve and Bonnie lead every class. There is no guesswork. Simply follow along and do what they do.

Guaranteed Results

Steve and Bonnie have spent years perfecting this class format to ensure results.

"Just completed this workout. It was my 2nd time doing this workout and OMG…Steve that was intense. I can bet you I will be sleeping sound tonight…thanks Steve & Bonnie."

LIVEex Member

"Great workout!!! Legs BURNING!!!!!"

Ryan H
LIVEex member

"I’m a late-comer to BCX, so I’m working my way through the back catalogue, but have to say I love the workout and the chemistry between you both. Thanks! Looking forward to doing more of these workouts."

Mark M.
LIVEex Member

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